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Welcome to Basta Cosi Glacis

NEW: We are closed on sundays the whole day and saturdays on lunchtime .

You thought the "Basta Così" was unique - and now, there are two of them!
The grand adventure of the first "Basta Così", which started in rue Louvigny, near the Place
 d'Armes, now continues in Limpertsberg, the other heart of the city. This is thanks to everyone who,
like you, appreciates home cooking made fresh from local produce, attentive service,
and, above all, our way of treating our visitors like friends
who must always be won over and impressed.
Yet, in its way, the new "Basta Così" is also unique in itself. Because it is also in
two parts. A real restaurant, the one you're standing in right now, faithful to the formula that
has made the brand a success, offering many different places in one. And the first real
Italian "fast food" eatery, serving only authentic products prepared in front of you,
so you can enjoy a new level of quality even when you're in a hurry.
This is our way of satisfying your needs and your wants, and of welcoming you
even when you're in a rush. With, as always, the same standard of quality and service, the same
pleasure, and a simplicity that is full of friendship.

Opening hours:

12am to 2.30pm
7pm to 10.30pm

Closed on saturday on midday and sunday the whole day.

Basta Cosi Restaurant Italien - Luxembourg
Basta Cosi Restaurant Italien - Luxembourg